Thursday, October 16, 2014

'ARROWS' Behind the Scenes

Here's the "Behind the Scenes" of the Macklemore/Fences Video. It'll give you an idea of the number of sets we had to build. There were two house fa├žades, a thirty-foot train car interior, four apartments (with fly-away walls), a grassy knoll, diving board, ladder, tiger cage....It was an ambitious shoot!


This summer, I had the chance to Art Direct the video for ARROWS, a new song by Fences and Macklemore. It was produced by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.
It was a crazy, ambitious shoot - very Art Department heavy. We had a great crew, and it was a lot of fun.

Monday, September 16, 2013

GARY of the NFL

I recently Art Directed a commercial for the NFL, which was shot at Century Link Field. I worked with Shefskie Sienkiewiez, Curtis Taylor, and Schuyler Telleen. Nice work, guys!Gary NFL Spot

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Just wrapped shooting on 'Laggies', Lynn Shelton's new film, starring Keira Knightly, Chloe Moretz and Sam Rockwell. This is my fourth project as Production Designer with Lynn, and I love working with her. I had a great crew with me, including Schuyler Telleen, Tania Kupczak, Erin O Kay, and Karl Lefevre.

Here are a few glimpses of sets and props from the film.

It was a great show, and I look forward to seeing what becomes of it. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

'Lucky Them' Set Dressing - Before and After

Here's an example of 'Before and After' shots, showing what the Art Department does to a location. Our job is to make an environment that tells the story. And that allows the actor to inhabit the character in a believable way. Sometimes we find a location that doesn't require a lot of changes. Other times it's more of a blank slate. 
Here is a shot of the place that would become Ellie's (Toni Collette's) desk at the offices of (fictional) Stax Magazine:
   And here's the same spot, after Set Dressing:

Here's a shot of the empty space that would become her apartment:
And here's the same room, during Set Dressing:

Petra's work on 'Lucky Them'

My daughter Petra (12) helped out in the Art Department for Lucky Them. 
In the story, there is a character who is a musician that disappeared at the height of his fame. We visit his childhood bedroom, where I imagined he had surrounded himself with pictures of his heroes. Petra and I drew a bunch of portraits of musicians, and hung them all around this abandoned bedroom. She did a great job, and her portraits (of Patti Smith, Ella Fitzgerald, Robert Johnson, Joan Jett, Chrissy Hynde, etc) made the scene. When the movie comes out, look for her name in the credits!


Here are some photos from the production of 'Lucky Them'



This winter I worked as Production Designer for a film called 'Lucky Them'. It was a Megan Griffiths film,  with Toni Collette and Thomas Haden Church starring. It was a great project, and a lot of fun. I worked with a terrific crew, and had an excellent Art Department. Here they are:
I'm on the left.  Then Kari Lefevre (Props); Jenn Godwin (intern) poking her head in; Behind her is Jeff Crow (Swing); Erin O Kay (On Set Dresser) in the orange sweater, Tania Kupczak (Art Director) up front, and Aaron Fink (Driver, Art Assist) on the right. 
An excellent crew, that made an ambitious shoot into a smooth-running pleasure.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Kurt Dammeier, the Big Cheese at Beecher's, just commissioned a new painting.  He just purchased and built out an amazing space above the Beecher's flagship store in the Pike Place Market. It's a gorgeous space with a 180-degree view of the Market below, and Elliot Bay beyond. I made a painting of a Seattle urban landscape for the place, which will be rented out by the Inn at the Market.  I feel very lucky to have been asked to be a part of the coolest space in town.


I have to do some serious catching up. If I'm not posting anything to the blog, it's probably because I'm busy. Here's a little something that I just did with Michael Clinard for Adweek. I made the Loony Toons props. Seriously -- if you haven't already, you should check out this guy's work. 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


TOUCHY FEELY is in competition at the SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL! Lynn Shelton's new feature, which was shot in April in Seattle, is among 16 films in competition, and will Premier at the 2012 Festival. I was the Production Designer. Carrie was the Costume Designer. We're very proud to have been a part of the film, which features Rosemarie Dewitt, Ellen Page, Josh Pais, Scoot McNairy, and Allison Janney. Good Luck 'Touchy Feely'!


Typical day at the office....
I was recently asked by David Clugston (you remember him: DNA blocks, giant cardboard rose) to help gift-wrap some farm animals for a shoot. We cornered a chicken, struggled with a piglet, and had the greatest success with this cooperative little goat. I believe it was advertising for a charity that sponsors the purchase of farm animals, but sometimes it seems better not to ask too many questions.


Here are more shots from the Look Book, shot by Juco. Hand painted backgrounds! Giant Forks & Hamburgers! sculpted dogs! Huge 3D Zippers! This was my kind of gig.


In October, I put together a set for the Discovery Channel's 'Finding Bigfoot' show. (Spoiler alert -- I think they're still looking.) We shot at a beautiful space, in a barn near Lake Tapps, by Tacoma.

Monday, November 26, 2012


I was honored to be asked to create some artwork for Nordstrom Photography SoDo Studios.I've been doing work for Nordstrom for years, and really like those guys. When they opened their new studio in SoDo, they asked me to make some work for the entry. I put together a bunch of new paintings and sculptural pieces, and made an installation across a 40-foot wall that included the 'SoDo' letters, which were already there. The work was installed in November.