Friday, August 26, 2011


I am now installing the window displays at Tiffany&Co. here in the Northwest. They do beautiful work, and it's great to be involved with such a historic company, with such a tradition of beautiful windows. Watch those windows!


I recently was given the task of making a giant flower from a (giant) cardboard box, for a magazine photo illustration. The gag was a play on the idea of 'thinking outside of the box'. Here are 'before', 'during', and 'after' photos.


Worked on an infomercial with Kaleo Quenzer recently. Part of the gig was to 'colorize' a large printed map. By 'large', I mean like fifty feet long! It was fun to work with him on the project, and we all took pictures of ourselves on the big map.


Carrie and I collaborated on this button-covered antelope head. I carved the head out of foam and added the 'antlers'. Carrie directed Petra's 5th grade class in covering the head with hundreds and hundreds of buttons. It was donated to the school auction. I loved that thing, and wish we still had it.


Carrie and I worked together on this spaceship set for TMobile. The whole thing is made of 1/4" foam core. The details show that the command desk is made up of old keyboards, light switches, calculators, a thermostat -- even a Battleship board!


Lynn Shelton's film, 'Your Sister's Sister', for which I was Production Designer, will premier at this year's Toronto International Film Festival on September 10. This was the film that we shot in the San Juan Islands last fall. Stars Emily Blunt, Rosemarie DeWitt, and Mark Duplass. Ben Kasulke is the cinematographer. Great director, great cast, great crew, great time. Good luck in Toronto!!