Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Renaissance Man

My friend Kaleo Quenzer put together a pilot for a show called "Renaissance Man". It is a Reality/Competition show. I was a contestant! Me and two other guys, Josh (metalworker) and Craig (firefighter), competed for the coveted Silver Saw, and all its attendant glory. We built a chair from a pile of scrap materials, ran a 50-yard dash, answered trivia questions, cooked a meal, wrangled a bunch of kids through a performance of 'Alice in Wonderland', composed a haiku, threw a football.... It was a blast. Very funny day. And, the best (if least likely) part is that I won!

Fake Stone Fireplace

I made another fake stone fireplace for Nordstrom. They will use it to shoot Holiday stuff online. The mantle piece is wood. The stone, and the firebox itself, is all carved and assembled from pink foam. (My favorite medium).

Monday, September 7, 2009

$5 Cover Seattle

Had a great five weeks shooting '$5 Cover Seattle' for MTV. There was an amazing crew. Amazing director. Fun Bands. Great locations. Great people. It was a blast. Here are some pictures from the shoot.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Working with Lynn Shelton again has been so much fun. We have been working for a month of long days on the MTV project, and I've never seen a happier crew. It's been a blast, and an honor to work with her again. I Art Directed a couple of music videos with Lynn in the past few years. One for Laura Viers, 'Magnetized', and one for Harvey Danger, 'Moral Centralia'. Here are links to both.