Friday, June 12, 2009

Body Cast

For the latest David Leonard Taco Time ad, I worked with Kaleo Quenzer to make a body cast. The cast was an actual plaster cast, made over a cardboard suit. It was made in pieces - head, torso, legs and arms. Some close-up shots were done with just the mask. But when the actor had to be in the wide shot, Kaleo and I patched him into the full suit on the spot, for the shot. He was in a full body cast, head included, for hours. Ah, the glamourous life of an actor. Here's a location shot, and a link to the 30 second spot.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Fun Gig

Just finished working on a great fun gig. Making a commercial (for a client I can't name yet).  But it involved making a Mini-mart, a Ceiling/Dance floor, an Eiffel Tower, and best of all, a Carousel! I worked for Jason Puccinelli, and with a fantastic crew, including Oscar Lofgren, Sheffskie Paba, Curtis Taylor, and David Bowen. I was mostly involved in the building and painting of the carousel. Great Project. Great team. More about it later, but here are some photos of the shoot.