Saturday, June 9, 2012

Nearly Featured Artwork!

Simon Doonan and Jonathan Adler's fabulous Shelter Island pad is featured in this month's Architectural Digest. If you hold your head at a certain angle, and squint your eyes, you can see a painting of mine way, way, in the background. There it is! Way back there. The blue pirate! yay! Thanks, Jonathan and Simon!

Look Book

Sometimes the hardest part of my work is having to wait. Great projects have to be Top Secret for what seems like a long time. We can't post photos, or show anything to the world until they are ready to publish. And it can seem like a long long wait.

 A few months ago, I worked on a great project with David Sicotte. It was a giant re-branding of a company called District Clothing by the Creature agency.  We worked with the dynamic duo of Juco, who took awesome photos. And we painted, and built, and carved, and cut and pasted, and found; and made sets and props and all kinds of great stuff. It was a really fun crew and a great shoot. Carrie worked on it with us, too. Here are some photos from the set, and a link to the final product.  

Red Carpet SIFF Opening

'Your Sister's Sister' was the opening film of this year's Seattle International Film Festival. It was screened at McCaw Hall to a crowd of three thousand people. Here we are on the red carpet, before the screening.