Monday, October 4, 2010


Here's where it ended up. It was a fake stone and (real) barnwood wall that I was trying to match from a location shoot.


Here are a few pictures of a fake rock wall that I recently made for a photo client. It all starts with pink foam.

Studio N

I have neglected to keep up on the blog. So, here, after long delay, are some photos of jobs that I've worked on in the past six months.
Here's a photo of me working for Nordstrom, with the good people at Studio N.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Taco Time Goat Ad

Recently helped on another Taco Time commercial. This one had GOATS! I'll have to add 'assistant goat wrangler' to my resume. Here is a shot from the set, and the commercial.

NRG! Aquarium

Shefskie Paba recently posted some pictures on Facebook, from a job we both worked on last year. We worked for NRG! Exhibits, putting together a traveling science exhibit. Kevin Seal and I made the interior of this aquarium (some real, mostly fake). But in the rush to finish the work, I never got a decent photo of it. Thanks, Shefskie!

Louis Vuitton

For the past few months I've been installing the display windows at Louis Vuitton stores in the Northwest. I am the guy in charge of Seattle, Bellevue (Seattle suburb), and Portland, Oregon. It's been a great gig. The people are great, and it's given me a chance to have a regular, predictable gig. I work with a great team, and the jobs have been fun. Here's the latest one we did last month.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Microsoft Movie

I recently worked with Laura Foy and the Microsoft crowd again, on a funny short film with a Valentine's Day theme. Kaleo Quenzer helped out, and we built a jail cell, and police precinct set. Fun job, and I liked the way the sets turned out.