Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Taco Time Goat Ad

Recently helped on another Taco Time commercial. This one had GOATS! I'll have to add 'assistant goat wrangler' to my resume. Here is a shot from the set, and the commercial.

NRG! Aquarium

Shefskie Paba recently posted some pictures on Facebook, from a job we both worked on last year. We worked for NRG! Exhibits, putting together a traveling science exhibit. Kevin Seal and I made the interior of this aquarium (some real, mostly fake). But in the rush to finish the work, I never got a decent photo of it. Thanks, Shefskie!

Louis Vuitton

For the past few months I've been installing the display windows at Louis Vuitton stores in the Northwest. I am the guy in charge of Seattle, Bellevue (Seattle suburb), and Portland, Oregon. It's been a great gig. The people are great, and it's given me a chance to have a regular, predictable gig. I work with a great team, and the jobs have been fun. Here's the latest one we did last month.